Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yay! Its SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! Time to check on my abs...

First off, I apologize to all you 'Scientific Method' people out there. YES, I did forget to take initial picture of my fat, bloated body. BUT, I do have a picture that is from 2 weeks before I started, and unfortunately, I'm not topless, so I apologize for that. (I also apologize for any grammatical errors, just in case any of you teachers are grading me on grammar!)

This photo was taken on 01-11-2011, by my friend Darren McKay, without my knowledge. This means, I'm NOT sucking in my gut. So, you can see, I'm about 6 months in, and the baby will be due in 3 months! jk

SO, back to our main event. I'm here today to show you guys my progress report. Just before this picture, I went to the gym. I did my HIIT training, then did 30 minutes on the bike at a level of 12. I'm doing this so I can also build up the endurance to go for long bike rides with my friend Randy Saldana and almost brother-in-law, Mark Francisco. Then I did some Planks and Side Planks for my abs, and then I left the gym. After a quick shower, we shot some pics.

To keep these pictures consistent, I will take the pics from the same location each time wearing the same clothes. Also, to keep the clothes from changing shape, I will not wash them, and they will only be used for pictures. This way, you can see truly, how my body is changing.

So... here we go world, I hope you're ready for me!

These pictures reflect my body weight from 276 lbs prior to Janary 28th, 2011. As of today, I now weight 262 lbs.

Front View- Relaxed

Front View - Flexed

My love handles have come in some compared to before

Side View - Relaxed

my stomach still appears to droop a bit, but nothing like before.

Side View - Flexed

my gut no longer DUNLOPS over my belt when I wear jeans.
I am also on a new belt notch! yay!

Muscular Front

you can see some muscles trying to peek out.

Muscular Side

Just so all of you know, this shirt was at the BOTTOM of my t-shirt pile. Its not something I wear. Its a shirt that I keep 'in case' I lose weight. Its a 'collector' shirt. Its something I bought because I wanted to support a charity, but they only had 'fitted' shirts. I have TOO many of these shirts. Its embarrassing how much of my wardrobe I do not wear because of this GAME I play with myself. So, I picked this shirt because it is light colored. It does not HIDE my rolls, far, man boobs, etc.

Now, another thing that I have not yet done on this blog, which I really wanted to talk about is what I'm doing for my eating plan, supplements, work outs, etc. I will address this one of the next blogs.

I also want to mention that I am not using any kind of diuretic or 'enhancement' supplements. Why? because I took too many in my teenage/college years, and now I have exacerbated my arrhythmia. Arrhythmia is basically an irregular heartbeat. So in addition to this, caffeine is out the window too. Anything I do, can trigger this. For those of you unfamiliar with this, arrhythmia is basically when your heart doubles in speed, and you have done nothing to cause this. Sometimes you can even see my shirt pulse... its scary. more for my wife and those around me because they are not used to it. But I have lived with this for over 16 years. But this means nothing. I could die from a blood clot that 'feels' just like it, so I have to be careful. I have to be serious about my health.

Tight Shirt Front - Relaxed


Tight Shirt Front - Flexed

stomach comes in a bit when I flex, but not enough yet...

Tight Shirt - Side - Relaxed

sticks out!

Tight Shirt - Side - Flexed

not so bad... still man boob-a-licious though..

I'm only 34 years old. I have a condo I may have to short-sale or foreclose. We just saved my wife's house after 16 months of stressful negotiations. Our credit cards cost us 3k a month just to maintain, and we can't even pay that anymore! In the midst of all this last year, my wife was on sabbatical finishing her doctorate at HALF PAY. To offset her lack of pay, I took a job that I needed to get up at 4:30 to leave the house to then work a 10 hour day, then back onto the freeway for 2 hours in rush hour traffic. In the 2 hours that I did get to see my wife, I gobbled down dinner at 9 PM, had 2-3 beers, and tried to sleep while all that stuff in my stomach turned into fat. While I slept, I kept my wife up with my snoring and sleep apnea. And on top of this, we are newlyweds, and newly weds struggle and fight to find the rhythm in the marriage. ALL this was a recipe for an early death.

Then on Novemeber 4th, I received the greatest news. I was let go from that contract. And I was not sad, for I realized, I did not need their money, or the stress I was going through daily, making a 130 mile round trip commute in one of the busiest freeways in Socal, the 91 freeway. I was one of the crazies that drove 2 hours each way, everyday. And now, I was free to pursue my own endeavors, and life has never been better. But I did not change my health yet. It wasn't until Jan 28th, when my Dr. had to provide my HEALTH WAKE UP CALL.

Our mountains, are just molehills. Obviously, there are those out there who have it much worse, and they are a small percentage. I'm talking about the capable ones that are disguised as victims. Its time to stop.

PLEASE share my blog, and help me prove to me, you, our friends, and then the world that we can u-turn our lives. we just need to...



  1. Ben, congrats on the weight loss!

    Your story is very inspiring! I am definitely sharing with all. Keep writing...stay healthy.


  2. Thanks Sriya! I'm doing my best to inspire others to make a change. any change... DO SOMETHING!