Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Work out!
Had a great workout today! How do I know? I drenched my shirt in sweat. Not a dry spot anywhere. I even had to change my shirt in the van before I left because it was just too cold with that shirt on! That tells me that I really did something. And no, I didn't go into a sauna. It was all hard work.

As for my workout, I did my HIIT with a 10 minute warm up an cool down for a total of 37 minutes. I then hopped onto a exercise bike for 30 minutes to continue burning my fat off me.

An hour later, I have a lunch of 3 celery sticks, half a cucumber, a small tomato and a small bowl of diced ham. I also have a Lao spicy chili pepper dip called Jeow Bong. We brought this back from Laos, and it makes all veggies THAT much more delicious. Oh, and I also have some natural honey habanero mustard for the ham. The mustard doesn't have any added chemicals, but I do need to limit myself as there is honey in the mustard. YES, I like it hot! But I do have to be careful that I'm not getting TOO many chili peppers as that can irritate my entire tract, so... go easy on the peppers, that includes me!

I've been thinking about carbs, and I think I'm going to keep them really limited as I am trying to lose weight. Perhaps, I'll offset my circuit training by adding more protein? We'll see how this works this week.

One month anniversary!
So, its been a month to the day, and I'm down 20 lbs. I was hoping for more, but as in life, there was a hiccup, which has now been resolved. I'm back on track and look forward to another 20 this month, but if not... I'm still headed down this new path. I'm going to be slim and belly free this year!

Enjoy the rest of monday, go take a walk, eat more salad, and less processed stuff, just go and...


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