Friday, February 11, 2011

Breathing into a fan...

I posted this pic of Colossus because that's what I think I am. Invincible to the world. Don't we all? We all believe that we are ok. That this can't happen to me. But for me, my number has been called. I am receiving my sentence now. But I am determined, and I am working on my appeal. all day, everyday. One step at a time. Today is very sobering.

It looks like the dudes in white lab coats want me to sleep with a CPAP machine. That sucks. Imagine a turbo attached to your mouth. The air is WHOOSHED down your throat so fast, it feels as though you're being suffocated by air! how is that possible? and when you try to catch your breath, you actually end up sucking in another gulp of air before you can exhale. its not a comfortable feeling. Its just like drowning in air...

But according to my sleep study, it helps. So, for my wife, and all my unborn children, I will continue along that path so that I can live another day.


Now I am going to look like this dude when I sleep...

Maybe Lamaze classes might help me?
Hee hee whoooo, Hee hee whoooo

Ok, going for a brisk walk! That should clear my mind and start my fat burning engine for the day. Then I'll make a nice salad and have some fruit to hold me over until lunch.

As sad as the day has started, it will not continue on that note.


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  1. yay to colossus! i like that character :) ... no rewards the dark side gives, conquer all love shall ... be brave young jedi!