Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Red Cabbage Salad with Mexican Quiche!

I've been wanting to share what I'm eating, but am not yet fully educated on what I should and shouldn't be eating. I've mostly been going off the basis that I need MORE veggies at every meal, and less protein and carbs. So, as I'm learning this, I'm sure I'll tweak things, but for now... here is today's lunch!

Red Cabbage Salad with Mexican Quiche

Red Cabbage Salad
The red cabbage salad needs to be prepared in advance, but if you like it crispy and fresh, you can make it the same day. First, you half a red cabbage in water and place it in the fridge. This helps de-gas the cabbage. Once you've done this, chop up the red cabbage, a small red onion, and squeeze a large lemon, or 2 small lemons into a separate dish. This is so you can pick out the seeds first, instead of picking them out of your teeth! Combine with 1/3 cup rice wine vinegar, and add white pepper to taste. I love the way this salad feels so light and healthy! It also seems to curb my appetite some. Maybe it has to do with the white pepper.

Mexican Quiche
Ok, so its not really a quiche, and someone is probably going to correct me on this. Maybe its a souffle? So I start off with the pan on medium and pour a half dollar of olive oil into the 8" pan. I add some garlie, 4 chopped mushrooms, 2 green onions, a fresh red jalapeno, and a touch of Sherry cooking wine. Why? because it cooks out the alcohol and leaves the mushrooms with this AMAZING flavor. I then added 3 slices of deli turkey sandwich meat. This is optional! I did it for the protein. Once this is all mixed up and cooking, spash a few table spoons of water into the pan, and cover for a minute. This allows the veggies and flavors to really set. At this point, lower the heat a touch, and add 4 egg whites. I also added 2 yolks for flavor. I'm not too concerned with the cholesterol since I'm working out every day. Cover this, and let it simmer until the egg begins to rise, nice and fluffy. sprinkle with sharp cheddar, if you like. Then chop fresh cilantro and 1/3 avocado to garnish. Sometimes we need a bit of that GOOD fat. I also toasted 2 corn tortillas to shovel this concoction into my mouth.

So how long did all this take? The cabbage salad took 10 minutes to make, the day before. I had 2 servings from a half a head of cabbage. I love this stuff, and I make it now at least once a week. And the Mexican Quiche took about 15 minutes, including washing the dishes. I used simple ingredients that occupy most people's fridge.

So there you have it, a meal that took very little time to prepare, but does not contain any hidden ingredients. It tastes great, and is packed with protein and veggies.

I also took my vitamins with this. I take a super potent multi-vitamin, Vitamin E, B-12, Beta Carotene, Copper/Zinc, Potassium, CoQ10, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, and  Omega3/Flax/Borage Oil.

I also have some Calcium and Magnesium in the evening with a little more L-Carnitine and Omega3/Flax/Borage Oil.

The reason I'm taking all these supplements is that they are all good for my health, arrhythmia, and motility. Laura and I are working on a family, and at this late in the game, we need all the help we can get to have a healthy and happy baby! I know this seems like a lot of stuff, but I've never felt so healthy and strong in my life. My body feels strong like my gut isn't there! I have to constantly remind myself that my gut is still there. Its a great feeling...  AND I'm not even one month in! So many results? so little time? Its THAT easy!

If you want to lose any kind of weight, or have great skin, or feel better, just drink some water! It seems to easy. And it is. But you have to continually fill that cup, mug, or water bottle with water! If you can afford it, go for some good bottled water, but maybe buy it in the large gallons. One can go through a lot of water bottles in one day, and its not my intention to motivate you guys to recycle more.
Let's recycle less, REUSE more

Please check back everyday, and I will do my best to share with you guys, the ease and virtues of healthy living! Thanks and much love!


Here are some links to a few books that I reference often and really enjoy for my vitamin, health, and alternative cures. These 4 books are a staple in my library.

Smart Medicine for Healthier Living : Practical A-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Adults Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, Revised Second Edition  Alternative Cures: The Most Effective Natural Home Remedies for 160 Health Problems


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