Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Life is about changes...

For most of my life, I've been overweight, fat, or chubby... Whatever you want to call it. I've always known why, but never did anything about it... until now. But first, I'll tell you about my wake-up call. It started recently in the Dr.'s office on Jan 28th, 2011. My wife picked up a rotating dial thing-a-ma-bob that was on the wall. She asked me my height and weight. After lining up the dial, she handed it to me. OBESE, it said. WHAT??? I'm not obese, I'm just over-weight, right? As I stared at the dial, I realized what it was saying to me... You are not your 'image' you see in your head. You ARE fat! And not just FAT, but OBESE!

Well, it took a few minutes to set in. As that was simmer on a low boil in the background, the Dr came in, reviewed my info, and proceeded to tell me that my blood pressure is looking high in addition to other health issues. How can this be? I don't eat salt! I don't pig out on junk food or garbage anymore! What's the deal? At this point, I could only see the Dr's lips mouthing words I no longer was listening to.

I began to realize things... Things such as, you can't drink a 12 pack every other weekend and expect to get away with it. You can't eat all you want during the holidays and lose it later. Slowly, all my 'habits' surrounded me like ripples across a lake. I was surrounded with bad habits that I had believed were 'ok, because I'm still young'...

At that moment, I made a resolve. Health was number one. I felt like Alfie! But I'm not joking. Immediately, I went to the health store, bought a multi-vitamins, Veggies, fruits brown rice, and came home. I threw out the processed garbage in my house, and then proceeded to write on a piece of paper, to mark the occasion, that today was a new day. From today on forward, I am now a conquerer, not the conquered.

Now, I know it hasn't been that long since Jan 28th, but in that time, I've cut out alcohol, caffeine, processed sugars, and junk food. We now decorate our coffee table with fruit, so its always at hand. I hit the treadmill every other day for an hour, and on the other days, I walk and work out. It seems extreme, but its worth it.

I finally ALLOWED myself to be ok with changing my status from 'big guy' to 'healthy slim guy'... I can't stress enough how important this is. I never felt that I deserved to be 'slim'... I just felt it wasn't possible, so why not embrace what I was? A BIG guy... This was crucial for me, and I'm guessing that this is quite possibly a huge hurdle that many of us have as well.

So, to show where I was, and where I'm going, I am going to post pictures of me from the past couple years. As I show progress every week, I plan on posting a new picture. Why? To show you all that it can be done. And to show ME that it can be done. I need to be held accountable, and I'd like to share this journey with you along the way.

Cooling off in the wake of a waterfall in Laos.

You can't handle the heat and humidity in South East Asia if you're covered in insulation.

Looking like a Hawaiian singer named Izzy in this pic.

Hey, that's not me?!?

Happily married with lots of GOLD to show for it!

Before I close today's blog, I want to thank my parents and sister. They have been so supportive to me all these years that I didn't change. I never understood why they wanted me to be 'healthy' so bad... and now, I get it. And maybe part of that is because Laura and I are making plans for a family of our own. Its sobering to realized that you might not be around to see your childrens' future. It sounds dramatic, but it is. Our lives are as fragile, suffocating, and dangerous as we allow.

So, if anyone else is up for some change, join me in this journey to a healthier life. I also want to thanks my lovely wife for her willingness to change our recipes to match a healthier lifestyle.

I'll post a current pic of my progress this weekend.

Thanks for reading,


  1. YAY!! So happy for you!!! love you!!! XOXOXO :D

  2. Hey Ben, we went to church together back in the day. I reconnected with Michelle on facebook recently and came across your blog. I really hope you keep up with this goal of yours. There are a lot of inspirational stories out there and books that document them and I would be happy to recommend some. When I raced bikes one that touched me and is a quick read is Lance Armstrong's "Its not about the Bike" Read 20 pages and you'll be hooked. Please feel free to reach out as I'd love to see your progress and help any way I can. I am certain your story will be inspirational in the end. Best of luck and cheers!

  3. Ben....way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am joining the gym too..Just on your footsteps!!