Friday, February 6, 2009

One month ago...

Coincidence? Irony? probably neither. Its just funny how my 2nd blog is exactly one month from the first entry. Not too shabby. Not too great either. I think I would like to do a weekly if not more daily posting. But that's all in the past now, so let's move on.

So, in the past month, much has happened. Laura received her sabbatical to finish her P.H.D. this year and part of next year. Consequently, this is also the year we are getting married, July 10th, to be exact. We finalized the caterers, a lovely little boutique restaurant called The Farm in Redlands, CA. If you are ever in the area, definitely check it out. Hmm... what else?

We're also in the market for an RV or a Trailer to travel around the USA during Laura's sabbatical. I hope I can work on the road, otherwise, we may have to shorten the trip to accomodate our clients.

Lastly, we are in the process of 'de-cluttering' our life as well. Its really hard to take 2 households with entirely too much stuff, and cram it into a little house with 3 adorable, yet quarreling, cats. At least they stopped spraying... for now.

Well, I guess I should leave you with a photo or sketch, afterall, isn't that why I started this blog?

This is a sketch of hellboy as an old man who spent way too much time in the sun... enjoy