Monday, August 29, 2011

Progress Report - Day 212

Ahem... so, its been awhile. And for good reason! I've been recovering from my heart surgery in April. Its funny when someone says they feel as though they have a 'heavy heart'... well, I know what that't like now...

Ok, so since the surgery, I rested up on the soft gaining about 6-9 lbs of water and cheeseburger weight. Then we went camping and on a few other small vacations before Laura went back to work, and since then I've been working out to get back into pre-surgery shape.

Now that I am back, and ready to peel off the layers, I had to show another progress pic. Doesn't look very different, I know, but its the subtle changes you only notice in your own body... Plus you can see the hair on my head is growing too. perhaps I'll grow it out again... anyhow, picture time!

I put the arrows in to show you places where I'm noticing the most changes.

One of the most amazing feelings to get in the world is when your body tells you... turn it up!

Sometimes, I'm on the treadmill for my warm up, and at about 6 minutes, I get antsy and want to bump the speed and start running... I love it!
So I bump it up to a sprint for about a minute... and then I pull it back a bit because its just a warm up...

I love that feeling...

Check it out... man-meat-boobs!

Ok, for those of you who have read this far, here is the dessert... 

I took in this pic in low lighting, and I think it shows my progress better than with the flash. With my crappy bathroom lighting, I'm losing out. I think its time to set up the lighting better for these pics. I have a newfound respect for photographers... I need to take more pics like this! 

Thanks for checking out by blog and supporting my progress! I hope you join me too as I whittle my body like I'm in a fight club! Remember, you are what you eat, so don't be a couch tater!