Sunday, February 20, 2011

Progress Report #2!!!

Oh man, its been a tough couple of days. Seems that you take a small break, it can turn into a large break!

So basically, Laura and I had a date night on thursday evening. We had Chinese food, and for some reason, that is like crack for me. I really love it. Such succulent and savory flavors. Its just good stuff. Salty too. But anyhow, I ate a few more bites that I wanted to and ended up feeling full. Not something I'm trying to do, but I let it go. Its only once a week that this happens. Or so I thought.

The next day, I'm in LA to help my friend Nardi move from one area of LA to another nice LOFT! I'd love to have the space he's living in. Its a nice place. So, I didn't work out because I thought we'd get a nice work out moving boxes, furniture, etc. Well, was I right! His sofa did not fit the elevator, and he lives on the 11th floor. So, you guessed it! We walked that damn sofa up 22 flights of stairs to get that thing up there. What a work out. We had to stop every other floor to stop to catch our breath and rest our arms. It was good fun. So afterwards, we go to Chinese, and as much as I wanted to order a salad, I just opted for MORE delicious Chinese food. I knew at that moment, I'd have to make up a day at the gym for this.

So now its saturday morning, and I'm stuffing envelopes at my in-laws, and the guys decide to hoop it up. So  I show up, shoot some hoops. a lot of hoops, actually. It felt like a good work out, at least half of my day. Famished, we headed to a little Asian Mart that fried up fish, so we selected some tilapia and mackerel, I love mackerel, good omegas and a great salty fishy taste. It just tastes of the sea. Such a nostalgic food. Anyhow, I digress...  So, I think, fried fish. Is this really on my menu? Grilled, ok, but fried... I guess its another day at the gym! Its been a great 2 days of being bad, but now its time to get back to it. So, after we eat, we become restless and decide to go back to another guy's house, they get beer and alcohol. something I've refrained from while working out these next 6 months. Well, one thing leads to the next, and I'm 3 brandys in, and wondering how I get this way around the guys??

Long story, short, its 3 days in the gym to make up for all this!!!

So the moral of the story is, its ok to fall off the wagon or cheat, but don't make a habit of it, and rectify the behavior immediately. I know it will be wednesday morning before I'm back to where I wanted to be on sunday. Its OK. It will happen. Because if it doesn't, you'll fall so far away from the tree, you'll be looking for a cab to the hospital.

relaxed - just is there...
flexed - lumpy shape showing??

side - flexed - belly is really pulling in
side - relaxed - belly just there...

So, here we are, at today. I went to the gym and did circuit training on the weights, and got a really good pump overall. That is a good example of being carb loaded. Muscles feel more full and bloated. Anyhow, we're off that, and onto this week.

I could have made more progress with a little more discipline, but I did what I was going to do, and that was have a nice meal or two. Next time I'll do my best to limit that to one night only!

Oh, one more thing, todays meal! I made some Kale, which I really love because it has such texture and shape. It tastes great, and makes you feel like you're eating something more substantial that it is. Good stuff. Anyhow, so a bit of oil in the wok, get it hot, then toss in the kale with a bit of garlic, and smashed lemon grass, if you have it. Wok it around. do this for a couple minutes, then toss in about 3 table spoons of water, cover and let steam up a bit. Add a bit of srichacha hot sauce, and then serve. I just ate about a head of Kale myself. Good stuff. I also had 2 small pieces of fish from the day prior, part of a vietnamese sandwich, and 3 onions with peanut butter. Its a weird snack, but my father taught it to me, so you can blame him! About 20 minutes after, I had half of a mango. It was good. Now, I just have small meal in a couple hours, and then i will fast until my next work out.

So, good luck tomorrow, cause its gonna be quite a monday. Happy Birthday Washington!

flexed - shirt hangs more than last week

relaxed - shirt sticks out a lot
flexed - shirt come back in!!

So, my progress doesn't 'look' like much, but the shirt hangs more and clings to me less, which IS progress.  I hope this week goes a little more smoothly with consistency. I hope to have greater results this week. Until next time...



  1. Bennnnnnnnnn.....................I ate out all day today, was feeling sooo frickkin guilty...but you are right.....It is ok, as long as I pull myself back together. keep writing. sriya

  2. YEAH! It happens, but its what I'm doing to offset and get back on it! The good part is that I am feeling stronger and stronger, so I know I'm also gaining muscle and re-shaping it!

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