Thursday, February 24, 2011

Been on a vacation, not really, but needed time off...

Sorry for the gap in blogs. I've been busy trying to save my condo from foreclosure, but apparently, now I have to short sale.  Anyhow, that's depressing news, and is only one hurdle in my 'track and field' of life. It will soon be over, and I will still be on my way. The important thing is that I'm still working out, de-stressing my life, and eating well.

It can be really tough when life throws a mini-tsunamis at us. We're unprepared. Surprised. Happy. Sad, Depressed! But its all temporary. If you can maintain constants in your life, such as working out, eating well, and getting a good night's rest, you can five into the wave, and just ride it out!

Circuit Training, Carbs, and Planks
So, part of what I've been struggling with over the past week is how circuit training and carbs have been affecting my diet/physique. As soon as I added circuit training, or doing weights with very little rest between exercises, I felt depleted in my work outs on HIIT/Cardio days. The good part is that I'm getting stronger and can feel the difference in my work outs.

For instance, I've been doing Planks. Planks require you to get on the ground on your elbows, as if you were going to do a push up. You rest on your elbows and balls of your feet. It sounds easy, but its not. You have to keep your back straight and do this for 60 seconds. Once you do this, turn to your side, and repeat with one elbow and the side of your feet. Then switch sides. Its not hard, but its not easy either. I haven't been able to do 60 seconds yet, but I am up to 40 seconds. You really have to contract your abs when you do this too. Feel how strong you are when you do this too. Anyhow, progress is happening...

Todays' lunch is really simple. 3 egg whites, one yolk, mushrooms, garlic, and a serrano pepper, scrambled.  3 stalks of celery, a small bowl of raw green beans, and a small bowl of left overs from last night, 3 meatballs and brown rice. I also have my vitamins, some fish oil, and a cup of hot water.
Simple and it took only 10 minutes total.

Now its time for me to take care of business. Lots to do today, as everyday. It never ends when you're trying to build your own businesses. So, in the meantime, take that walk after dinner that you were 'thinking' about. Help your body digest and keep yourself fit...



  1. Hooooooray Ben, I am proud of you . You are not alone, I am on the same mission!!

  2. Ben, impressed with your meals!! I am going to write some of this stuff down, sounds great!
    you are kickin ass my friend!

  3. Love it! Keep going and be strong yaar...and remember...when the going gets tough, the tough get going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!