Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pleasure Palace... a sad place to be...

I always thought these 'massage sex stores' were funny places. The sad part is that these places are basically labor camps and prisons for young and unassuming girls. Its hard to imagine that while we were having lunch in the building next door, just 20 feet away, these girls are imprisoned and made to perform against their will.

Recently, we saw a documentary on human trafficking. It happens everywhere, but there is a huge predominance in Asia. Its a terrible crime to be sold or stolen. These girls are made to live in a 4' x 8' room, sometimes with many others in these same 'holding cells'.

This is a photo of the building from the side. What I failed to get into the photograph were the bars on the windows above the windows in the picture. It was a sad and sobering moment. Capitalism in the worst form...

Part of what amazes me is that they don't have electrical fires with all these wires everywhere... Maybe that would be a good thing if the building burned down. (Of course, we'd want people to get out safely...)

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  1. im so jealouse I want to travel some more! looks like yor having hte fun time.