Sunday, July 26, 2009

Late night snackin' at the Intercontinental Grand Stanford

It seems like every night we've been eating later and later, so this means dining in the cafe in the lobby of hotel we're staying at. Luckily, the food tastes good so we didn't have to stray too far. Mostly, we stop here to dry off and enjoy the A/C. Its a good escape from the humidity!

As you can tell, the lighting is nice and dim if you don't use the flash. Did I mention blurry too if you don't have tripod handy? Notice my wedding ring? I'm still getting used to wearing it. It makes it extra difficult with the humidity making my fingers a little plumper than usual.

This picture is with the auto flash setting on our Olympus Stylus Tough. Maybe we need to figure out the settings? I think I threw the instruction manual out in the recycling... oops! On the other hand, I think we'll take the Nikon D80 out tomorrow and see if we can get some nice quality shots... Oh, and yes, that's a huge cheeseburger in Laura's hand. As for me, I had salmon, cream cheese, and bagel chips. Not a bad midnight snack, eh?


  1. what no white rice???? what the heck? ;)

  2. Yeah, we had that here in Vietnam. Don't worry. We'll catch up on the rice in Laos, I'm sure... miss ya!