Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dinner at La Fuma Cafe... Just fondue it!

Our last dinner in Hong Kong was at a place called La Fuma Café. It is located off the main strip of the Fa Yuen night street market. One of the reasons we chose to go here was the humongous sign saying ‘fondue’. Now, I know fondue isn’t a Hong Kong delicacy, but at this point, we needed a little taste outside of Asia. So, in we went!

Also, did you notice the decor? The ceiling? The tables? These trees definitely died with honor...(or I could have said these trees did 'knot' die in vain, but I didn't want to be corny)

The spread of meat was laid on a bed of mountain grown leafy greens. Or at least that’s what the menu said. (Don't worry dad, we cut the fat off the back bacon and only ate one piece of salami). We also received the standard fare of bread cubes which quickly disappeared...

We also ordered a stuffed chicken breast with potatoes and veggies.

The best thing for me about fondue is the unexpected flavor and aroma. I always think this is Europe’s version of ‘self=serve nachos’, but its not. The white wine mixed with a blend of cheeses is simply amazing. It’s a fox trot in the mouth, a quick jig, if you will.

Fondue, its just the best thing ever! (nice hair, i know...)

All around us were photos and gear from expeditions all around the world. I know our friend Chris and Randy would have love this place. They're currently into rock climbing, but who knows if it will change to badminton the next day?

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