Saturday, August 8, 2009

Singapore, Day 2...

Breakfast at the local eatery. As the food comes out, you pay for it. Similar to a cafeteria, but they walk the food out to you. The nice part about, 'paying as you go', is that you don't have a check to wait on. This is something that can be somewhat of a pain in the Asian countries when you're in a hurry. I'd love to live at such a leisurely pace, but that is something I will have to learn. So until then, I'll just go pay at the cashier instead of waiting the customary 15 minutes we've been experiencing...

The Nelsen Sisters... (only until the name change!)

A giant among Singaporeans... well, height-wise at least!

Happy Asian Family! (from left to right: Laura, Edith, Linn & Toshimi)

Keiji & Hiroe! (Laura, did I spell them correctly?)

It was quite odd to see this Steamboat here in Singapore. A little off course, aren't we?

This is the piece of junk, I mean, this is the junk we had our dinner cruise upon.

The guard rails on the boat were from the ancient Chinese times... Even the stainless steel ones.

Ben(me) & Chris Pang-G hanging out at the top!

Edith, Hiroe, Linn & Keiji eating dinner

The children's table! YAY! Laura, Aimee, Chris, Ben, and Toshimi!

A lovely sunset to bring a nice, long day to a close.... serene...

Dinner entertainment on the ship was traditional Chinese music. Since Toshimi had her back to the performers from where she was sitting, she had no idea that the entertainment was live until half-way through the performance!

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  1. Did you have rice for breakfast?
    Asians eat rice anytime of the day...