Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Update - Progress Report - Heart Surgery - day

I have not been keeping up with the blog very well, but I'm glad to be updating today, of all days, on Easter. Happy Easter!

So, I've been in a holding pattern since my last progress report because I wanted to be prepared for my heart surgery on tuesday, in about 2 days. This is probably the first time that many of you are hearing about this, but as anyone who might have been close to me over the years, I've had a heart arrhythmia for the past 2 decades. Generally, my heart beat will double for no reason for anywhere from 5-30 minutes at a time. This can happen once a month, or every day. They say its harmless, but it doesn't feel very good in general. Its mild discomfort coupled with a little bit of sweating... not fun when you're trying to work, play, or just live your life.

I have been managing the arrhythmia on my own for quite some time. After the past 2 years, and the reasons for me changing my habits that go back to my wake up call on Jan 28th, 2011, I have decided, with the help of my wife, to go ahead and move forward with Ablation. This surgery is a process whereby the surgeon inserts a catheter and other tools into my femoral artery on the thigh. They go straight up into my heart, and then listen, induce the irregular heartbeat, and locate the 'rogue' nodes that are causing the problems. They then 'zap' the problematic cells, and hopefully, nothing else!

I have not been thinking much about this surgery since I decided on doing it. Mainly, I don't want to get emotionally riled up and cause more anxiety in my life. The important part is that I'm going to have the surgery, and that I've been doing everything in my power to get healthy on my own. I think this is the best possible attitude to have going into something like this. So, I plan on going in, crying, then getting this over with. On my road to recovery, I have to be gentle with myself, so I don't cause any other problems.... and ease back into working out. Then, by laste summer/fall, I will be back on track!

This is the year of changes for me. It can be the year of changes for you too. What are you neglecting in your life right now? what are you avoiding? and why?

I look back on my short life thus far, and realize that I have already lived a lifetime, by history's standards. I have another 2 lives left to live. I don't ever want to look back in regret. EVER. so, get your brain into mediation mode, think about what you want out of life, and take that first step on that million mile journey called YOUR LIFE!

Happy Easter, and I love you all...


todays photos show how large my dress clothes fit. Considering, these clothes were tight 3 months ago! enjoy...

This photo shows a more subtle and 'naturally lit' pose. I even think I'm kinda hot! well, getting there...

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